Laloba Ranch - Steamboat Springs, CO


We only have up to a couple of litters a year. We do have a notification list and a pre-approval list for our pups. If you are anxious for a pup at a time that we don't have any, we would be happy to help you find other responsible good breeders. Please remember that having a good knowledgeable breeder behind you who is willing to stand behind your pup and stay in touch with you when you need it, can be worth more than gold when you need breed specific information on growth, vaccinations etc.and veterinary care. All good breeders should be willing to go over important breed information and helpful information with you when you pick your puppy up.

This is what we do prior to the sale of our puppies:

  1. All puppies are born in our home and loved and handled several times a day by my husband and myself. We keep tract of their weight and personalities and keep a log of all wormings and vaccinations, and we monitor Mom and babies constantly, often sleeping next to the whelping boxes. During their first 3-4 weeks, the pups are never without our(my husband or myself) supervision. They are exposed to different soothing sounds with music(Classical or celtic) playing often. They have several well puppy checks before they are released to you. Their health is guaranteed, and they come with a warranty against genetic defects. We require that you stay in touch with us at least once a year to let us know how you and the pup are doing. *WE WANT TO KNOW* If there are any problems that we should be aware of and *WE WANT TO HELP*. All of our pups are extremely well socialized with people and other animals including their cat.

  2. We put together an extensive puppy book (which keeps growing yearly) of information on Care and Feeding, Breed history, all Vet records, health concerns, your pedigrees, generational photographs of parents and siblings, Literature, current veterinary medical/research info specific to wolfhounds, training tips for obedience, show, and plain good citizenship, and possible behavior issues that could arise(How do I get my dog to stop digging, How do I get my dog to come when I call and not run?)....all to be accomplished gently and with sensitivity to your dog, and a host of other pertinent information including where to find good dog "stuff" like the best doggie door. We also personally go over the care and feeding with you and give you an important check list of reminders when you pick your puppy up. Many of our puppy owners have told us this book has been their "bible," and they continue to have it in a special place so they can easily refer to it as they need it.

  3. We do *"Sensory Stimulation" *with our pups at least twice a day from the moment they are born when we hold them in our hands. This is what my husband calls *"Super Dog" training* based on documentation from a veterinary school study on the effect of early neurological stimulation in developing high achieving individuals who later in life have been proven to be healthier, less prone to negatively react to stresses and develop health related problems associated with stress, and ultimately they become a more "brilliant," and healthy individual who is capable of adapting well to new situations to become a joyful easily trained family member.

  4. You will have our vet's name and number for referral and for future reference for your vet if your vet is not familiar with wolfhounds. You are most welcome to call any of our puppy parents for a referral. Our relationship with you is as you wish it for the life of your dog.

  5. We love to sell to show homes with emphasis on "home." However, Regardless of someone wishing to show or breed, we will only sell to people who can assure us that our pups will live in the home with them and not be a kennel dog. We have an extensive contract that covers our requirements that you may also see on this web site.