Puppy Ownership, Qualifications, Application

Irish Wolfhound Puppy Ownership, Qualifications, & Application

About Wolfhounds:
In our experience, our Laloba Wolfhounds make wonderful family members and are extremely gentle and easily trained. They are extremely sensitive and have an uncanny understanding about people and other animals. I have no qualms about our small grand children being with them at any time. They are a very different kind of dog and they bond intensely with their people. And although they love the outdoors (They usually have an active hour in the a.m. and one in the late afternoon/evening), they must be where their family is when they are home and inside. They ARE house dogs as well as outdoor companions. Although they are not “needy or pushy” For the most part they need to be near their people. In most instances, They are extremely loyal and prefer the company of their people even to other dogs.

A Perfect Home:
A perfect home would have several fenced acres for them to romp at will (a good doggie door is nice), and/or someone who is committed to exercising them well at least twice a day( we actually walk with our dogs, weather permitting, approximately 5 miles a day), the dog would be a valued and loved member of the family and treated as such. Somebody would be home a lot, and another animal companion at some point would be nice. And the owner would be knowledgeable on the care and feeding of an Irish Wolfhound (giant breed). We only will sell to people who can assure us that a pup will be a valued family member and live in the home with them.

Qualifications For Owner-ship and Purchase:

  • Contract (Click to Open)
  • Preference for people who will pick their pup up and allow us to meet them personally
  • $500 non-refundable deposit
  • Adoption fee including deposit is $3000 plus shipping(Please note: we do not ship or recommend shipping unless someone picks the pup up personally and then flies with the pup. This is so someone can make sure that the pup is on board, climate control is on etc.)
  • Personal Visit and/or Telephone interview
  • Veterinary reference and any other “wolfhound reference” one may wish to add
  • Information regarding the home to which the pup would go including photos and details about yard, fencing, house accommodations, and info about kids, other family pets, and knowledge about raising a giant breed, and why you want a wolfhound. This may be e-mailed
  • ***Puppy Application: Questionnaire

Notification List:
We can notify you of up coming litters. Please keep in mind that we only breed a litter every couple of years or when we want to add to our pack for a specific reason. We do not breed every year. Notification does not guarantee that you will be accepted to receive a puppy.  However, we will need to have your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. You may either e-mail this information to us or call us with the information.