Who We Are

About Us and our Wolfhounds

We are Judith Carol Day and Biz Littell, the husband and wife team of Laloba Ranch. We are both clay artists, and we both have come from a long personal history of showing and breeding performance animals. As well as being a clay artist, Judith is a published writer and has taught English and creative writing as well as art on the secondary and college level. She has competed successfully with horses doing dressage and combined driving, while Biz campaigned nationally and internationally on the hunter jumper circuit with warm bloods. Biz is also an internationally known educator and glass and clay artist with his unique work in private collections and museums throughout the world. He is most known for his discovery and perfecting of a technique called Kosai ware/firing. The name Kosai ware and its calligraphic ideogram was a gift from a good friend and visiting artist in residence, Chyako Hashimoto. Kosai means hue of light and when we got out first wolfhound girl, we named her Kosai.

Kosai @ 10 years old

After Raising other breeds in the past including Great Danes, We have found kindred spirits in the Irish Wolfhound pack that graces our ranch. From our history of understanding form and function in performance horses, We strive for the same in our IWs and have succeeded in breeding and raising IWs that are athletic, strong, healthy, and most of all, they are our joy.

How we live and What we do, we do mostly for our hounds, from the constant days of vigilance and work of birthing and raising a litter to the many hours and days in rain and snow “Rose proofing” the 40 acres of fence (Rose had been known to jump the 5 and a half foot fence at will from a sit! And hopefully Rose the wonder dog has been thwarted in her romps back and forth to the green grass on the other side. However, her spirit lives on in the athletic shananigans of her grand daughter TaraHari Rose and her cohort in crime Shiva Samone, her grand niece.

About our hounds:

Our hounds get every opportunity to be what they are supposed to be. They have 40 fenced acres that they romp through daily as well as 24 hour in and out access to the house and “inner yard’s” acreage. As well as playing with each other, the hounds are our frequent hiking companions around the mountain property. They are built to become athletes, and the adults have every opportunity to develop the musculature to do so. They have¬† multigenerational longevity (knock on wood) on both sides with parents and grand parents that have lived to be 12 -13 years of age. They love the outdoors, and are our constant companions inside and outside. They are our family.